A Grand Adventure Awaits You!

You are all set!  You have done your research – you know where you want to go to study abroad.  You have even studied the laws and customs so that you don’t inadvertently commit a social faux pas of some sort!  Good for you – you are all set for the grand adventure that awaits you!  Now, you just need to take care of the technical matters – your passport, your study visa, funding, and the actual travel arrangements. Travelling tips are not hard to come by, especially now there are so many great resources online.

Naturally, your passport and your study visa are the very most important things to take care of.  Without them, nothing else matters because you won’t even be allowed into your country of choice.  You should be able to apply for your passport easily enough – just go to your local agency and get it taken care of.  Of course, they will want to know your purpose for traveling to that country so, you probably need to get your student visa in place first.  That way, you can show them why you want to go.  For that, you will likely need to pass the IELTS (or, International English Language Testing System).  Passing marks on this exam are necessary in many countries to gain permission to travel to them.  Don’t worry though.  Even if your English skills need a good spit and polish, Les cours d’anglais par Skype sont un excellent moyen d’étudier l’IELTS ou d’autres examens d’anglais. Once you’ve passed the IELTS though, the hardest part of the technical is taken care of! Of course when you take a cours d’anglais par Skype you might find that the hardest part is to understand your teacher. I good way to improve this might be to practice listening to the radio or listening to some podcasts.

The travel arrangements are fairly easy to manage as well.  Talk to immigration and a travel agency and they can give you all the guidance you need to get squared away.  If you plan to fly, call the local airport to make reservations.  If you’re sailing, call the appropriate agency and find out about what cruises you can book to get to your destination.  You want to make sure things are settled at your destination as well so look into renting a vehicle or buying one on the cheap.  You might also contact your school to see if they provide shuttle service for arriving students.  If you already have friends or family at your destination, they can help you arrange things there as well.

Now, for the funding, you have quite a few options, some of which you may not have considered.  There is always personal savings, either yours or your parents, which might have been set aside for your schooling.  In addition to that, you can always work to earn the money for an undertaking such as this.  Some things you may not have considered:  scholarships – there are many scholarships available out there and some of them are specifically for a student just like you who wants to study abroad.  Some of these scholarships are only available in certain areas of study so now that most of your research is done; you might look into these scholarships.  Many schools also offer work-study programs as well and there are also organizations such as the Peace Corps that might be able to help you with the funding for your grand adventure overseas.

And with that, good luck!  And enjoy the grand adventure that awaits you!