Franchise Opportunities In Primary Schools

Investing in a primary school franchise can be a wise decision, if the entrepreneur in you is looking for a low investment opportunity offering good returns in a short period of time. Many top education brands are looking for businesses interested in franchises in India.

Why investment in primary school franchises is a wise decision

The Indian education sector is growing very fast. After privatization of education, many global educational institutions have set up branches in the country. Even domestic business organizations have also started investing in education.

Increasing income also has made parents think about better education options for their children. Now, people are more aware about the quality of education, the importance of a holistic curriculum, faculty, and having a conducive atmosphere for effective teaching and learning.

Rising urbanization is another factor that has worked as a catalyst for the education sector. People who are migrating to cities are looking for schools for their wards.

Some other reasons:

  • Low investment and high return
  • Indian Education sector is among the largest
  • India has the world’s largest population in the 3 to 23 age groups
  • The demand for quality schools is very high across the country
  • Increasing awareness among people about the benefits of education

All these factors make low investment preschool franchise in education a judicious decision at this moment.

Pre-requisites for investment in a primary school franchise

You have to fulfill the following criteria to be able to open a franchise primary school:

  • Property — Franchise owners mention in the guidelines how much space you would need to start a franchise. You have to check for this. It may differ from school to school.
  • Funds — You need to have some initial funds to invest in the project. Franchiser can mention the amount in the agreement.
  • Brand fee — You may need to pay a brand fee to the franchiser.
  • Royalty — You may need to pay a percentage of profits as royalty to the franchiser.
  • Minimum period — You also may need to agree that you will run the franchise for a minimum period of time as per the agreement. Some franchisers may ask for no less than seven years as the terms of franchise.
  • Standards — You have to maintain a standard. For example, for preschools you need to appoint at least one teacher per class, one assistant teacher and one maid per 20 children.
  • Area selection — Franchisees also make sure that they are not operating in an area where other similar entities are already operating and whether the area is safe and secure.

What to consider while selecting a primary school franchiser

If you want to open a primary franchise school, you have to consider the following points:

  • A successful brand in the education sector can make the difference. People rely on popular brands. They will accept the school without question if they trust the brand.
  • Research based holistic curriculum helps maintain quality in education. People are more aware about schools. They know which schools have better curriculum.
  • Franchiser should have a well-equipped campus with optimum resources. It means that the franchise owners have invested in his brand.
  • Technical expertise and best educational practices need to be emphasized on.
  • Curriculum knowledge is also crucial. It means the brand knows what is right for the students and how the objective of education can be fulfilled.
  • Franchiser should have well-defined, proven and customized standard operating procedure
  • Franchiser should be reliable and trustworthy

Opting for a primary school franchise can be a great decision for you. Just ensure that you do the due research before making a final decision.