How ITIL Can Help You Grow Your Career

In a world where technology seems to be taking over nearly every industry, the best thing to do would be to adapt and learn in order  to remain relevant. Currently, this wave is taking over most businesses and has led to the creation of a number of courses that are meant to enlighten and educate you on the changes that are resulting from this. A good example of such courses are the ITIL training courses that have practices that associate information technology services with  business needs. While there are other alternatives, ITIL is your best bet to grow and comes with a lot of advantages.

It is a well known fact that money is one the biggest motivators for a majority of people and for this reason, people will be more inclined towards an opportunity that will result in a better pay.  With an ITIL certification, you put yourself in the path for higher paying opportunities. According to a research done by Techopidia, ITIL  was ranked as one of the highest paying IT arear with a salary of six figure and beyond. If that is not motivation enough, I do not know what is.

Given that this certification is globally recognized, you can use it anywhere you want. You can move countries and still use the certification without the worries that it might to be invalid in a particular country. Apart from that, the certificate is widely flexible and can be used in any industry that relies on IT services. With how the world’s industries are structured these days, you have a lot to choose from and still do the same job. Does that not sound exciting? On top of that, considering how complex and broad ITIL is, you can switch your roles to anything you want because you making you even more valuable to the organization. If you were apply for a job with many others, an ITIL certification will make you stand out more since it shows competence at what you do and the employers will be confident in picking you.

If your purpose is to grow your knowledge, you can purpose to do all five levels of the ITIL v3 course. With each level comes more flexibility at work. The levels include: foundation, practitioner, intermediate, expert and master. The Foundation level serves to create awareness of general concepts, important elements and terminology used in the service lifecycle. The Practitioner level concentrates on how to use the concepts and in everyday life while the Intermediate level splits the modules giving you a better look and understanding of ITIL. The master and expert levels  showcase deep understanding of ITIL concepts and practices. The higher the level the more and the  better the opportunities you will get.