Importance of a school uniform

In the society, either a private school or public schools both have their different school uniforms which is important to have for have uniform which show the uniqueness of the school. Many shops ion the market provide the uniforms of several schools and today many schools themselves provide their uniform so that all students get the same colour and quality uniform.

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Importance of wear a school uniform:

A school uniform teaches students to dress smartly and have a pride on their appearance. Most important having a uniform mean students do not have any worry or pressure at the time off wearing clothes. It is not important that what you look when everyone is dressed the same. It is very important to have a different uniform of the different school two schools do not have the same uniform as it may create confusionamong their students.

Benefits of having a school uniform code:

  • Dress code in school may reduce the social conflict and the pressure that associatedwith the look and appearance.
  • More people will get know about the school and have their unique identity in the society. The school uniform is necessary to get a complete concentration of the student in the study not in choosing the stress to wear in the school.
  • School uniform being a discipline in the students and develop their personality. When every student comes in the same uniform then a kind of discipline is arise in them and wearing a uniform will teach them to come in school in better way.
  • Having the same kind of school uniform completely neglect the comparison. Because the students either of different caste or have difference in their standards they all have to wear the dame uniform and are same at theschool.
  • More productive learning environment is created when all students wear the dame uniform and it also improves the relation of teacher and student.