Intuition – The access of your inner wisdom

Intuition or as we commonly say the –sixth sense’ is an ability to acquire knowledge of knowing and sensing something intrusive without any logical or radical belief. It is an ability that has a checkered history that comes from within and is bestowed on only a few people. It is a gift that sometimes was considered a curse leading to consequences and the children were taught to suppress it.

Intuition is a feeling, idea or some suspicions related to some person, event or something that can only be felt but can’t be explained. In simple words, the institution is your own Google that tells you answers without browsing.

Although intuition is something that comes from within like other born talents as singing but with some practice, it can be enhanced and developed in sensitive people.

What exactly is intuition?

Intuition can be explained as a gut feeling, a sense of inner soul. The things a person visualizes or feels are sometimes inexplicable and are without conscious processing. The inner voice comes it from blue and suddenly the whole picture comes clear with energetic clues. We have five senses but intuition is beyond these senses and is above them. We all have inner voices but when the inner whisper comes instinct then they come with consequences and normally we don’t hear them. We have intuition and inner voice and with little efforts, we can learn how to understand this voice.

Trust your instinct

Many times it happens that we have to make a decision and we are not able to come on a conclusion with our logical mind. We consult different sources, contact intellectual people to remove our self-doubt and sometimes compare things beyond imagination and after all this exercise we come to a conclusion with our gut feeling. Our conscious or gut feeling is the result of our experience, nature, and perceptions, but how to define intuitive feelings? How to manage them, enhance them and make them an important part of our decision making. Well, they are purely mental processing’s and are related to the higher functions of the pure mind.

How to develop intuition to get help in decision-making

Intuition is an important thing to have in life. The intuition is your inner- guidance that can be found with some practice. You can find your own path that leads works best for you. Every person is the difference and so are his intuition skills. Intuition is a different sense of seeing, smelling and hearing which is based on our wisdom.  

Here we are advising some tips that can help a person in developing intuition in a proficient manner. The inner guidance that you have will only lead to the right and positive direction. Practicing these steps will make things better and worthwhile with the information you have. The tips of developing intuition are as follows-

  • Developing any skills requires concentration so while you are practicing for development of intuition chose a time and space when things are quiet and without any disturbance.
  • While remaining in your solace think about the questions or issues that you want to address and try to concentrate on them. While you are trying to solve the issues don’t try to think about the questions related to life and death. Allow yourself to focus on an issue that you want to solve that too with confidence. You have to access, evaluate and define your inner voice before asking her to tackle big issues.
  • Write down the question you have. Try to keep your writing simple and brief.

  • Feel your feet on the ground and get relaxed. Contain yourself and in the quite situation of mind channelize your thoughts. Give yourself a nudge and think about how you feel about the whole situation. Don’t judge or dismiss your feelings just note them. The information you have will only provide the information you have inside.
  • Ask yourself the question again, don’t dwell on things and just record your feelings.
  • When you have gathered enough information about the question then come to the normal state and have a look upon what you have written in the paper. Now you should start the analysis process.

While reading the comments and feedback you have written on the paper ask you whether it is true? Does it feel right? Why you have these feelings? Keep repeating this process until you get access to your inner voice and intuition. Treat these guidelines as gospels on your inner voice. They are your guidance that comes from your intuitions.

These words of wisdom will only help you in finding your way.

To conclude I can say that there nothing fairy or divine about intuitions. They are an additional sense we have for our guidance. Intuitions help in making challenges of life easier. However, it is up to you that you want to accept or ignore this inner guiding voice.