What is tutoring and how it helps?

Some History

Tutoring can be defined as one of the oldest profession, if not, it is of course the oldest teaching method. Ancient Greece, if you have heard the name Plato and Socrates, wealthy people used to send their children to masters or tutors individually or in small groups. In Middle Ages, the children of people with noble and/or wealthy background used to receive their education from tutors. Teachers began to teach after the education system was formalized, but still tutors had a big role to play for educating children. In past days, only the children of noble and/or wealthy could learn from a tutor, but today the availability of tutors is much wider. Students from all level take benefit of tutors to learn their subject better.

What is the purpose of a tutor?

The tutor is someone who helps students and guide them so that they need no guide anymore in that particular subject or topic.

If a student finds a proficient tutor, he or she will be benefitted tremendously. Through tutoring a student receives structural and system learning individually. When a student starts understanding a topic he or she was scared about, that gives a great push in their self-esteem. Their attitude towards the subject before positive and which shows up in their grade.

What is an online tutor?

With the development of technology and internet, the new concept of tutoring is now online. Tutors online are easily available, and they are also available at any time if you want them. All you need is internet connection and a device to connect. You have a lot of choice to look for a tutor online. You can find proficient teachers who will help you overcome your weakness in any subject or make you top of the game.

The online tutors also benefit as they can earn money tutoring students online.