Which Recruitment Technique Fits You – Outsourcing, Internal Hiring or On Payroll?

Recruitment is a process of evaluating, verification, and welcoming any candidate on board. For companies that are looking for hiring new employees, it is crucial for them to assess various guidelines of Recruitment. These could be – on-time signing up for, in the limited budget, proper skill, relevant experience, extended lasting stay of the candidate and many more.

Here, you will find the various common varieties of Recruitment practiced in the industry.

Outsourcing the Recruitment

Recruitment outsourcing is a process in which a company enters into an agreement with a 3rd party service agency for their hiring needs. These 3 rd celebration organizations are mainly known as – Recruitment companies, placement consultants or staffing solutions company. Their responsibility is to source the required applications and forward them to the clients for further process.

This type of Recruitment is best in large and well-established organizations, as they look for bulk hiring regularly. Recruitment Agencies are experts in closing large vacancies in lesser time and providing best fitting employees. The best part is, these agencies focus on very competitive pricing and can provide a replacement in case an employee quits the job within three months of signing up for.

Hiring with the Internal Recruitment team

The Internal Recruitment process is where companies have a dedicated Recruitment or human resource team. These types of employees are well versed with the vision and mission of the company and can co-relate with the potential of the prospect they are sourcing. Internal Recruitment allows recruiters to communicate directly with the applicants and keep track of their performance while in the process. It will help the employer to know the candidate better and can negotiate about the salary and other related things.

Usually, internal Recruitment is applied among start-ups and SMEs. These small organizations will have very limited vacancies, and outsourcing the process might turn out to be an expensive extramarital relationship for them. They choose to keep an expert recruiter or small Recruitment team in-house.

Working on Payroll

Working on the payroll is a very trending business prospect nowadays. Here the client gets into a contract with the payroll company to provide best-fit employees for the essential role in the clients’ organization. The particular client will take the obligation of training these employees.

Employees sent on payroll will be working for the client organization, but will be paid by their own company. If any employee does not match the work expectations, the service provider will provide an appropriate replacement in no time.

This practice has already been observed in both small as well as large organizations. Small companies, because of the limited workroom, can prefer the payroll employees to work with their employer’s office; while large organizations prefer such employees to come and work from their office space.


Any of the above-described hiring processes can be seen practiced one of the corporate. Recruiters are still putting efforts in a guide and tedious hiring methods. Using the advent of new technologies, it is crucial for recruiters to be updated on how to work out a Recruitment process. Nowadays, the online Applicant Tracking Systems are available for the rescue. With them, the HRs can connect with firms to outsource Recruitment; small companies can use job portals to carry out their internal hiring in a restricted budget, and can hook up with payroll providers.

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